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On the night of his fiftieth birthday, a man walks alone through the city’s dark, abandoned streets, trying to escape the consequences of a lifetime’s folly—only to be beaten in an alleyway and left for dead.

As he lies dying, a stranger appears, full of eccentric questions and opinions—like the claim that his attacker was literally a troll. As their conversation grows odder and odder, the man is driven by grief to make a wish as hopeless as it is absurd—well aware that even sensible wishes are academic now. He will never see the sunrise.

In the morning, he discovers he was wrong—about so much more than he could ever have imagined.

The man he was is dead indeed. Forever. Yet he himself remains, changed in impossible ways, left to navigate a world in which he no longer belongs, without so much as a name of his own. The only thing left him is a second, even more desperate wish that his last wish had been so much more carefully thought through.

Sound a bit far-fetched? Even Matt Rhymer’s closest friends think so. But they and everything else young Matthew cares most about may be lost if he cannot convince them, somehow, to believe it.

Thus begins a branching, braided tale that grows only stranger as more and more of those whom the city hides become entangled in the unfolding riddle of Matthew Rhymer’s very existence.

Have a sneak peek at Mark J. Ferrari’s new illustrated online serial. Then, subscribe to TWICE for FREE, and start receiving a new, illustrated episode every week—for as long as the story lasts. It’s a long, long tale, but even so, you may want to read it TWICE.

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