Illustration Notes for Episode Seventeen

This week’s illustration is one of my favorite so far. To begin with, I like glowy things—as you must already have figured out by now. And the amateur botanist/zoologist in me enjoyed figuring out what bio-luminescent “fungal flowers” would actually look like. A lot of my earliest drawings as a child, and at the beginning of my illustration career, were of invented animals and plants. I also like the shadowy, half-lit subterranean feel of this scene—so reflective of the hidden and mysterious existence of these ‘others’ who live so invisibly among and underneath the oblivious city.

As mentioned before, I will not be able—for all the obvious reasons—to produce such ambitious images every week. But now and then, it’s really enjoyable to get one out.

As always, the uncropped version is below for your perusal. :]

Epi-017-Splash Image.jpg
Mark Ferrari