Illustration Notes for Episode Sixteen

This week’s episode image attempts to depict the space of time just before this scene starts, as Colleen and Dusty travel through a city in imminent peril on the way to her apartment, where the episode actually begins. So once again, I have chosen to depict something not actually present in the episode itself—except by implication. And, in keeping with the resolution I discussed in last week’s image notes, to pull back on depicting characters that likely look very different in your head—and even in mine—than they look in these illustrations, the vehicles in this image make Dusty and Colleen ‘present’ here, without actually being clearly depicted.

I have to say, I like the results. So far, so good.

Below, as always, find an uncropped versions of this week’s illustrations.

Epi-016-Splash Image.jpg
Epi-016-Footer Image V02.jpg

Mark Ferrari