If TWICE isn't reaching you

If you have not received our ‘confirmation/welcome’ email after subscribing—or your weekly ‘new episode’ emails fail to arrive—please check your spam filter, and adjust its settings as necessary to make sure that emails from markferrari@twice-the-serial.com are not being marked as spam.

If you’re using Gmail, missing emails may also have been sent to your ‘Promotions’ inbox folder instead of to your ‘Primary’ in-box. If you find our emails to you there, please drag them up into your Primary inbox folder and click ‘Yes’ when asked about ‘moving this conversation there.’

When you first subscribed, you should have received a rather splashy email that said “YOU’RE IN!” and contained other info. Some browsers send you a ‘subscription confirmation’ email first. After you click confirm there, our official ‘You’re In!’ email should come through. But if you haven’t seen that, check the places listed above to see if TWICE stuff is going somewhere it shouldn’t.

And, if none of these solves the problem, please do contact me via the email address above or this site’s ‘Contact’ page. I am always happy to hear from you—whatever the reason!

Thanks for joining in the fun!

:] Mark Ferrari

Mark Ferrari