Illustration Notes for Episode Four

This week’s illustration is actually the image I originally worked up for Episode Two. But Episode Four is really the ‘second half’ of Episode Two, and so I decided to start with a close-up on the ‘telling contents’ of Anna’s desk, as I explained in the notes for that episode’s illustrations, and move this image to Episode Four as a pan-back of the same scene. Here we see the elements of Episode Two’s illustration ‘expanded’ to include a view of Anna at the ‘cage bar-like’ windows of her office, watching the storm escalate outside. ( All metaphorically relevant? You bet! And something more than that, actually—as you will see in the next few weeks! :] )

And, in case you haven’t seen the retroactive updates to earlier episode illustration notes, here’s something just to tantalize and frustrate you! There is actually more content off to the sides of this and most of these other illustrations, which you likely can’t see—thanks to the fact that the components of these pages are scaled and cropped in all sorts of different ways depending on whether you’re viewing them on a phone, a digital notepad, or a desktop browser. Scaling and cropping even changes widely depending on how large your desktop monitor is, and how you have your browser window shaped and sized. I have to compose these images so that there’s still something to see at the sides in the widest cropping variants, and nothing crucial cropped off in the smallest, narrowest ones. That is why I’ve offered you such an, admittedly, odd crop of this week’s image at the episode’s foot—so you can see a little of the image content that’s likely cropped out above. The whole image actually looks like this!


And now that I’ve thought to show it to you, I’ll go back and insert the entire, uncropped image into the other episode illustration notes as well—retroactively, and from now on. Why didn’t I think of that earlier?!

The only other fun fact worth sharing here, I suppose, is that I did want you all to see the ‘glass wall’ design of Anna’s office, as that may be mildly and briefly relevant in next week’s episode.

Mark Ferrari