Illustration Notes for Episode Eight

This week’s illustration was a special challenge in that virtually all of this episode’s content is of greater informational than visual interest. I thought the most interesting moment here was Matt’s latest and oddest letter. So I decided to draw that—with our first shadowy, slightly out-of-focus image of Matt—as Dusty and Anna would remember him—hovering like a ghost behind the text as he composed the email he’s just sent them.

At the bottom of the episode, I have once again drawn something that you may not even have remembered from the scene. It was there this time, but only very briefly, and in a context that may have caused you to dismiss it as just ‘the dream’ Colleen took it for. In the city we are falling ever further into here, however, one should think ‘twice’ before dismissing anything—no matter how inconsequential it may seem at first blush. :] …If you’re still not sure what I’m talking about, go back and look at the last line of Episode Seven, then at the first paragraph in this week’s episode.

Below are uncropped versions of this week’s illustrations. (And, I am still hoping to finish last week’s illustration as soon as I can wedge it in with the current week’s art.)

Mark Ferrari