Illustration Notes for Episode Nine

This week’s episode features the first installment of ‘Matt’s tale’—adding a third narrative string to the two other braided stories of Dusty, Colleen, Anna, and Thom, and The Lady’s people. Though Matt’s tale is inextricably connected to the other two narrative threads, it reports events that all occurred seven to ten years prior to the other two ‘current time’ story lines.

I want to use the Illustrations for ‘Matt’s Tale’ episodes to set his story clearly apart from the other two—in both time and content—hopefully reducing confusion between what’s happening ‘now,’ and what happened ‘then.’ Therefore, all Matt’s Tale Episode illustrations will have the text of his story superimposed on the image—as Dusty and Anna are reading it in the word doc Matt sent them. And Matt’s Tale illustrations will always be in the ‘sepia brown’ tones you see here, to further separate them in time from the ‘full color’ illustrations associated with the other two story lines.

So, when you open an episode and see these sepia-toned illustrations overlayed with type, you’ll know you’re back in Matt’s tale set years earlier.

Below are uncropped versions of this week’s depictions of Matt’s ‘fatal’ moment, and a ‘portrait in the darkness’ of the creature who unwittingly ushered Matt from his old life into a new one. :]

Epi-009-Splash Image C.jpg
Mark Ferrari