Illustration Notes for Episode Seven

To be completely candid—which is what I intend to be throughout this adventure—the most important note about this week’s illustration is that it’s not finished! :] Sooner or later, it was bound to happen. Now it has—and almost certainly not for the last time. I decided to attempt a more ambitious illustration this week, and the week’s events did not cooperate.

So here’s a rough, partially composed image—which I hope to finish drawing sometime in the next few weeks—alongside the next few weeks’ regular illustrations. I’ll put a note in the weekly link-email when this baby’s done, and you can check back, if you wish, to see what was missing. For now…well, the general idea is clear enough. And balancing my fail in the illustration department, is the fact that this week’s episode is hands down my favorite bit of the story so far. So…concentrate on the excellent writing! And—er—for now, just squint a little as the picture goes by. :]

As always—even now—here’s the uncropped work in progress for you to ogle and tut at. :D

Mark Ferrari